Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mosler MT900S

Mosler MT900S. MT900 Photon

MT900S Power-to-Weight Ratio 5.28 :1"
Photon Power-to-Weight Ratio 4.5 :1"
Projected EPA Fuel Economy 19 mpg city
28 mph hwy

NOTE: The following are Car and Driver road test results from an early prototype. Current MT900 production models weigh hundreds of lbs. less and utilize the new Z06 engine which produces about 65 more horsepower.

Zero-to-60 mph 3.5 sec
Standing Quarter-Mile 12 sec @ 118 mph
Braking 70 mph to Zero 149 ft.
300-ft Skidpad 1.02 g

NOTE: The following are Motor Trend road test results for the Photon.

Zero-to-60 mph 3.12 sec
Zero-to-100 mph 7.11 sec
Standing Quarter-Mile 11.02 sec @
126.88 mph
Braking 60 mph - Zero 100 ft.
Braking 100 mph – Zero 3.8 sec
Zero - 100 mph - Zero 10.98 sec
600 ft. Slalom 74.7 mph

Motor Trend Total Performance Test:
Figure Eight
23.3 sec average lap time @ 0.90 average g-force/ 1.14 maximum g-force

Wheelbase 109 in.
Length 189 in.
Width 79 in.
Height 43.5 in.
Track 66 in.
Ground Clearance 4.25 in.
Fuel Capacity 18.0 gals.
Weight (without fuel) 2,450 lbs.
Weight, Photon Version
(without fuel) 1,980 lbs.

Type 90 degree OHV V8; aluminum block & heads

Make General Motors Corvette LS7

Displacement 7.0L (427 c.i.)

Intake System Corvette electronic sequential fuel injection

Ignition Distributorless, eight-coil

Output 550hp at 6500rpm
515lb-ft of torque at 5500rpm

Redline 7000rpm

After two seasons of racing and development the MT900S has emerged for road use. Weighing in as low as 1,980 lbs. (plus 21 gallons of fuel), and powered by a mid mounted 435 hp Corvette Z06 V8, this ultra light weight high performance vehicle sets new performance standards as it delivers a uniquely exhilarating driving experience.

Primary structure is provided by a carbon fiber monocoque integrated into the striking exterior crafted in cyberspace by Unigraphics design. On a typical 2 mile road course, the MT900S is capable of laps many seconds per lap quicker than any other US legal sports car.

MT900S - $329,900*


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