Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Iconic GTR Roadster


Features & Specs
Performance & Efficiency
6.9-liter all aluminum V8 with 800HP and over 660lbs of torque with 8,000 RPM redline, naturally aspirated, advanced Iconic designed high performance
electronic fuel injection system, distributor-less electronic ignition with individual spark plug coils for super fast spark management,
1,000HP rated 6 speed manual transmission.
Handling and Braking
Iconic Motors High performance Torsen® differential rear wheel drive, ABS brakes and Traction Control – both can be driver deactivated for the truly advanced
Iconic Motors 4-wheel anti-lock cross drilled and vented high performance brakes (optional ceramic discs are available).
Iconic Motors Double wishbone front and rear coil over racing derived suspension with adjustable racing sway bars with Penske® adjustable shock absorbers and
racing pin wheel spinner hubs at each corner.

Iconic Motors 10 spoke 19 x 12 rear and 18 x 10 front Iconic designed light alloy wheels shod with high performance run-flat tires.
Iconic Motors Dual Xenon projector headlights and micro-LED rear tail lights and roll bars featuring computerized full color changing appearance control.
Iconic Motors Innovative windshield design featuring integrated frame power rear and side view mirrors resulting a clean and streamlined look.
Iconic Motors Striking five inch stainless steel exhaust side pipes featuring internalized aerogel thermal insulating technology designed to keep the external pipe
surfaces cool enough to touch.
Iconic Motors High baked concours show quality paint, color customized to your specific requirement.

Interior, comfort and convenience
Iconic Motors Iconic designed power adjustable pedal set Iconic designed power tilt/telescoping leather wrapped multi-function steering wheel.
Iconic Motors Ultra luxury leather custom tailored to your exacting needs.
Iconic Motors Patent pending Iconic designed transmission shifter – unique design featuring fully exposed operational mechanism and super short throws for high
performance shifting – really makes shifting fun again.

Industry unique Iconic designed synthetic sapphire appointments for superb durability and the pinnacle of luxury
Iconic Motors Instrument panel gauges featuring synthetic sapphire windows.
Iconic Motors Engine Start/Stop, Hazard Lights and Gas Cap buttons are made of synthetic sapphire.
Iconic Motors Advanced military quality high intensity center console touch panel display viewable in direct sunlight for access to all vehicle functionality including GPS
navigation and informational displays.
Iconic Motors Computerized digital memory system retains all power adjustable settings in the vehicle for up to 4 different drivers.
Iconic Motors Laser controlled dynamic cruise control system for ease of driving convenience particularly on long road rally’s where slower speeds are mandatory.


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