Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ronn Motor Company Announces H2GOTM Hydrogen-On-Demand Systems Available to Public 1st Quarter, 2009

Hydrogen-On-Demand System Produces Hydrogen While Driving to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines up to 20% - 25%

AUSTIN, TX -- Ronn Motor Company (PINKSHEETS: RNNM) reported today that it is preparing to commence pre-release reservations and sales of its proprietary "H2GO™," a Hydrogen-On-Demand (HOD) system that can be installed on any existing car or truck.

"Initial interest has been very strong, not only from individual automobile owners but fleets and service centers as well. Interested people and businesses can now go to our website and get more information, and updates at the H2GO™ link," stated Ronn Maxwell, Company CEO.

Ronn Motor Company will be offering to the public the H2GO™ system, which was developed for its eco-exotic hybrid super car, the Scorpion™, both of which will debut November 4th-7th, 2008 at SEMA in Las Vegas, NV. The new HOD system will be available through Ronn Motor Company distributors under the H2GO™ brand, providing automotive dealerships, trucking fleets, government fleets and individual automobile owners an economical aftermarket solution for increasing gas mileage while reducing noxious emissions harmful to the environment. The Company has projected for their distributors that the automotive H2GO™ system manufacturer's suggested retail pricing will be $999 per unit.

Mr. Maxwell added, "This certainly presents a lucrative opportunity for Ronn Motors. Product sales as low as 1/2% of 1% of American cars and trucks would result in sales of 1.5 million units, and we should be able to meet that demand over the next 18 to 24 months. We are currently completing negotiations and expect to finalize our agreements with a major manufacturer/distributor that will manufacture, warehouse, stock


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